Pic: Paris #2

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La basilique du Sacré-Cœur, Paris.
9 August 2013.

Raindrops keep falling on my head.

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Pic: Paris #1

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Musée d’Orsay, Paris.
9 August 2013.

Discovering Vincent van Gogh. No cameras allowed inside however.

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Pic: Entrevaux

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View from the citadel in Entrevaux, France.
24 August 2013.

Beautiful sight.

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Pic: Paris #0

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Gare de Lyon, Paris.
8 August 2013.

I’m finally here.

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La vie en France: Week 9

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Marineland, Antibes.
Monday, 17 June 2013.

Organised by Campus France and accompanied by six lecturers from IUT Nice and IUT Sophia, this excursion is part of the monthlong Immersion Malaisienne Programme which aims to facilitate our integration here in France and at our IUT’s.

Though it has nothing to do with engineering studies, it is after all le must de la Côte d’Azur. So it’s okay. No problems, no complaints.
I mean, just look how excited these guys are.

Here, have some relevant photos. I have no idea what to say, therefore I hope short captions would do.

First show of the day: Seals and sealions.

A couple of impressive sea lions.

Waiting for the orcas…

And three come out, these swaggering creatures.

One of the trainers warn the people in the lower rows, especially those with cameras (and generally other electronic devices), to move up or risk of being splashed by the orcas. He then invites les plus courageux (the most courageous) to take the risk.

Upon closer inspection, I then realise that one of “the most courageous” is one of us, holding a water-proof GoPro.

Smart dolphins and their trainers doing quite a few tricks.

On Wednesday, we had a small get-together for the Malaysians in Nice and the professors of both of the said IUT at Carras Beach near the airport. The petite soirée started at seven in the evening and lasted for a couple of hours.

And two days later it was la Fête de la Musique, the day when people enjoy live music performed by amateurs and professionals alike in the streets and public spaces. I initially thought that the event would start early in the morning and last all day long, so I was rather disappointed to find out that there was practically no live music at all until late in the evening. Despite that, I took a walk around Vieux Nice and Place Masséna just after sunset to savour the joy of music, met up with a few friends, strolled along the beach on the Promenade des Anglais, bumped into an ex-housemate, and only returned home after midnight.

Besides that, I can’t remember anything else.

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La vie en France: Week 5

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Èze: A museum village.
21 May 2013.

A home to one of the famous parfumeur Fragonard’s factories, this small medieval village should be high in the priority list of anyone visiting Nice and its surrounding areas.

You can’t afford to miss the breathtaking view of the sea from its hill top.

More pics in the video below:

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Grenoble: La capitale des alpes

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Grenoble, France.
8 – 11 May 2013.

Open the images manually (right-click > open image) to enlarge.


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La vie en France: Week 3

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Grenoble: La capitale des alpes.
8 May – 11 May 2013.

People asked me why Grenoble.
I don’t know.
Grenoble had been in my head for so long.
It’s something complicated, something I grew up with.
I had to somehow visit this city.

It was a dream come true, one which even I am not sure of its origin.
I took a regional train from Nice to Marseille, then a TGV to Valence, and finally a shuttle bus to Grenoble.

Wahey! My first ever TGV ride!

Waiting for the bus in Valence…

Final stop: Gare de Grenoble

Partially snow-capped massif hidden behind the clouds. Should have waited for summer.

At the top of Mont Jalla, where the National Memorial of the Mountain Troops is situated.

The Bastille viewed from up here.

Magnificent sights from both the Bastille and Mont Jalla. If only it was clear and sunny. A couple of panoramic pics here.

A photo montage of the first two days (watch in HD, s’il vous plait!):

UPDATE – The second one:

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Pic: Fujisan

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Mount Fuji, Japan.
19 December 2012.



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Mazda Museum et Miyajima

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This post will be accompanied by just a few pictures. I will then lead you to the completed story for the third day on my mum’s blog. Comme d’habitude.

Hiroshima, Japan.
17 December 2012.
Day 3. 

The agenda for today is focused on two stops: Mazda Museum and Miyajima. These are our last destinations here in Hiroshima before leaving for Tokyo later in the evening. Well, what’s up with these two places?

Mazda Museum, obviously, is a museum located on the grounds of Mazda’s Hiroshima Plant where the history, the cars, the technologies etc of the local carmaker Mazda are exhibited. It also includes a small part of a factory (where photographs are probihited) opened to the public. It’s worth noting that car manufacturing is by far Hiroshima’s largest industry.

Miyajima (The Shrine Island), on the other hand, has nothing to do with automotive industry whatsoever. Rather, one can find the famous Itsukushima Shrine here, which during high tide appears to float on water. The age-old Shinto shrine is very much sacred, as is the island itself.

  • The entrance to the Mazda head office building where we’re required to assemble before parting to the museum together with a few other visitors.

  • The interior of the office building sports several latest models of the Mazda family.

  • The word “Mazda” emblazoned on a Mitsubishi logo speaks volumes about the partnership between the two car manufacturers.

  • In Miyajima, Itsukushima Shrine is seen floating on (or, you know, just partially submerged in) the water as our ferry advances towards the island.

  • The Shinto shrine, from a closer point of view, appears much, much bigger.

A montage of a selection of the photos I took on Day 3 at the Mazda Museum and Miyajima. This way I don’t have to spend too much time inserting the pics one by one in this post. That would be horribly tiresome.

And of course, comme d’habitude, all the links you need to see more pics and read more stories on our Day 3 in Japan, courtesy of my mum & dad.

Mazda Museum, HiroshimaPart I, Part II
Way to Miyajima
A Brief Visit to Miyajima
Hiroshima to Tokyo 

Bah c’est tout, bonne nuit!

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