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PostHeaderIcon Pic: Gwanghwamun Square

Seoul, South Korea.
13 December 2010.

Life continues for the citizens as nightfall approaches in Gwanghwamun, the former capital city of the Joseon Dynasty. Just a little further ahead, in between the statues of King Sejong and Admiral Yin Sun Shin, lies the “Sunken Square” which connects Gwanghwamun Square and the subway station.

I was really getting hold of moving around in Seoul via the city’s subway, no kidding. 😀

PostHeaderIcon Pic: The Arc de Triomphe (miniature)

Journée Culturelle Française,
SMS Muzaffar Syah, Melaka.
March 2009. 

This pic below shows how inferior our arc is compared to the mighty one on the right, excellently done by the ladies from Sekolah Tun Fatimah. Of course, building things from paper boxes is never our stuff. It was embarassing, really, because I was the one (with a few others) in charge of this highly deplorable replica of the famous monument.

Gimme a couple of years and I’ll snap dozens of pics of the real one. 😀

PostHeaderIcon Pic: Fraser’s Silverpark

Fraser’s Silverpark Resort, Fraser’s Hill.
25 December 2011.

Thick mist shrouds our second home at Fraser’s Hill on the Christmas Eve, with an average temperature of ~16°C all day long.

While the hill resort is some way off from being the most popular of its kind in Malaysia – largely due to the fact that there’s not much to offer for the typical visitors, it has nevertheless become our most frequented retreat for more than a decade. Calm, cool and serene with its lush greenery, what more could you ask for? 😀

Limesong of the Day: Steve Sharp Nelson‘s The Cello Song, a soothing piece of music to calm oneself down. :mrgreen:

PostHeaderIcon Pic: Tengger Caldera

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, East Java.
16 September 2011.

Visitors flock on Mt Penanjakan, around 2900m above sea level, to witness a trio of volcanoes. The dormant Mt Batok takes centre stage in front of the smoking Mt Bromo and Mt Semeru, farther in the background. It is one of the many stunning views the nature has to offer.

I’ll try to put up something regarding the trip soon!

*pic thanks to my brother Ayinaim 🙂

PostHeaderIcon Pic: Mount Marapi

Mount Marapi, West Sumatera.
11 March 2008.

At the top of the most active volcano in Sumatera, trudging aimlessly, we were both enervated and genuinely mesmerised. It was a breathtaking experience to be enveloped in a thick mist 2890m above sea level, on such a barren, growthless terrain that resembled a moonscape. For first-timers like the three of us below, the climb served as an eye opener – there are even more fascinating things to be discovered high in the sky!

And I fell in love with both volcanoes and mountains that day.

*Pic taken from HERE (without permission :lol:). The owner has moved his travel blog HERE