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PostHeaderIcon La vie en France: July 2013

The system has been thoroughly broken: no more guarantee of regular (weekly or biweekly) updates. Laziness and idleness is getting the better of me.

Moved out of the family foster on the first of July, now staying at a private student residence to the west of the city centre. Still having “intensive” French classes and currently undergoing preparation for TCF later this month.

Not much to say.

Indulged myself in the story of Vincent van Gogh, a post-Impressionist painter I first heard of years ago thanks to Don McLean’s Vincent. Besides that, I bought and watched five french DVD’s in an effort to improve my French, but I doubt it’s effectiveness. While we’re at it, give Quand je serai petit and Et maintenant on va ou? a peek.

Tried to get back into reading. I started Voltaire‘s Traité sur la tolérance some time ago, however so far progress has been frustratingly minute.

Had a petite soirée with les Aixois and les Toulousains at the beach for breaking fast.

And… A friendly match between OGC Nice and SS Lazio was going to take place at Stade du Ray on the last day of the month. I bought a ticket for myself and wanted to ask a few friends to come along, but I soon found out that my fellow Malaysians had no enthusiasm whatsoever for the local football team. Unless if it were against PSG, or Real Madrid, or Barcelona, or any other top European team, I’d say that pigs would have to fly first before they would be even remotely interested in this small, obscure French club.

So I went alone. Technically speaking though I was with 5076 other spectators. The atmosphere was not bad, considering that it was after all a friendly match. Despite that, a (minor) scuffle broke out in the first half. The game ended 1-0 to the Italians, and guess who netted the only goal of the evening? The guy that I remember most for the hattrick he scored for Germany against Saudi Arabia in the 2002 FIFA World Cup: Miroslav Klose. At 35 years of age, he was still quick and sharp. “Il a toujours des bonnes jambes“, someone remarked.

This potato photo shows the supporters group Populaire Sud (the ultras) in the Populaire Sud Stand.

It’s August already. Time really flies.

PostHeaderIcon Movies: Of Gods and Men

Extremists and fundamentalists threaten a harmonious, peaceful community made up of Algerian Muslims and nine Trappist monks in the midst of the Algerian Civil War in this captivating drama.

“Patient and restrained, Of Gods and Men asks deep, profound questions that will linger in the audience’s mind long after the movie.”, 93% (109 critics).

PostHeaderIcon Movies: A Few of the Best From the Lot #2

Who doesn’t love holidays? 😆

PostHeaderIcon Movies: A Few of the Best From the Lot

Je viens de regarder les Choristes et après avoir essayé de me souvenir des films français que j’avais déjà vus, j’ai decidé de mettre cette affiche-là, au-dessous – ce sont les bons films français. 😀

PostHeaderIcon Movies: Monsieur Lazhar

Deep and moving, this is a story of an Algerian immigrant seeking asylum in what he thought was “la République démocratique du Québec”. And it is good. Highly recommended.

“Monsieur Lahzar is a tender and thoughtful portrait of a man with hidden grief and also a compelling exploration of the teacher-student dynamic.” –, 97% (108 critics).

PostHeaderIcon Princes and Princesses

24 November 2011

It was our last french lecture with Mlle AA for this semester – we still had another lecture the next day, with Mlle SF. Therefore she decided to let us watch the movie Prince and Princesses – a silhouette-style series of short stories told by an old man and his two younger companions. All in French with French subtitles, so that we could in a way improve our listening and vocabulary.

The plan was très simple: The two-hour session would be divided into two part – the first hour working on our grammar, and the next watching the said movie. But when the time came, a grave problem arose. With snacks and drinks all set, the LCD projector couldn’t detect Mlle AA’s laptop. We spent over 30 minutes trying to figure things out, and she even went to the effort of borrowing another LCD projector from the new building, but to no avail.

We ended up munching the snacks sans the movie 😆

At last I offered my laptop, which she responded “si tu veux“. Without wasting one more second I dashed to my room, packed my laptop and brought it back into the class. Et voila, ça marche!

Her laptop served us well throughout the semester but perhaps that day it took a day off.

Here’s the trailer:

PostHeaderIcon Movies: Le Premier Jour du Reste de Ta Vie

Nothing special. Just a trailer of a sweet, compelling movie on family life. Typical of the genre, but smartly done.

“An ode to parenting, taken at a mature and sophisticated level. The pains and joys are represented well, without fanfare or histrionics”      -Andrew L. Urban