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PostHeaderIcon It’s-a Me, Mario!

It takes a lot to get these guys together, especially when the diabolical, pink-nosed Wario is around.

Nah, not really.

Mum, Dad and Kona returned home from visiting Ayi in Canada yesterday. Now that Ayi has graduated and will follow suit next month, they brought along some of his goods – books, board games, clothes and other collections – just to ease the burden of moving out for him.

No barrels, no racing, no princesses, no coins. Just lifeless, bean bag toys.

PostHeaderIcon Accidental Passion

I remember watching my brothers playing FIFA 1999 on our PC. With 11 players each team, plus one referee, the sight of 23 men on the pitch made me think that football was an irritatingly confusing game. I preferred Blood, Duke Nukem or NFS III Hot Pursuit, not that silly football game.

Well, people change.

I can’t remember how exactly did I start to love football, but my, FIFA 1999 was such a fun!

I began to really support United on the day Liverpool beat them in the FA Community Shield in 2001. Ayi was not pleased, of course, but I’ve been a loyal fan since then 😉

Abat introduced Match Magazine to us in 2001, and we regularly bought the magazine every week until a few years ago when it became too dear for us. Initially it cost us (*my dad) RM9 per copy, but now the price is around RM16! The last one we got was in 2006 if I’m not mistaken.

Match is the best football magazine for English Premier League fans I tell you! Go and get a copy while you still can afford it 😛

Through Match we came to know Football Champions and Subbuteo TCG, first issued in 2001. The production of the EPL version was ceased at the end of 2002-2003 season, meaning that the game only lasted for around 2 years! Awful, the game was. 😀

Not much info can be found on this relatively unknown game.

Oh, and here’s my season review collection (the 90’s are all Yi’s)

We could have saved a lot if we didn’t buy these things!