PostHeaderIcon La vie en France: Week 9

Marineland, Antibes.
Monday, 17 June 2013.

Organised by Campus France and accompanied by six lecturers from IUT Nice and IUT Sophia, this excursion is part of the monthlong Immersion Malaisienne Programme which aims to facilitate our integration here in France and at our IUT’s.

Though it has nothing to do with engineering studies, it is after all le must de la Côte d’Azur. So it’s okay. No problems, no complaints.
I mean, just look how excited these guys are.

Here, have some relevant photos. I have no idea what to say, therefore I hope short captions would do.

First show of the day: Seals and sealions.

A couple of impressive sea lions.

Waiting for the orcas…

And three come out, these swaggering creatures.

One of the trainers warn the people in the lower rows, especially those with cameras (and generally other electronic devices), to move up or risk of being splashed by the orcas. He then invites les plus courageux (the most courageous) to take the risk.

Upon closer inspection, I then realise that one of “the most courageous” is one of us, holding a water-proof GoPro.

Smart dolphins and their trainers doing quite a few tricks.

On Wednesday, we had a small get-together for the Malaysians in Nice and the professors of both of the said IUT at Carras Beach near the airport. The petite soirée started at seven in the evening and lasted for a couple of hours.

And two days later it was la Fête de la Musique, the day when people enjoy live music performed by amateurs and professionals alike in the streets and public spaces. I initially thought that the event would start early in the morning and last all day long, so I was rather disappointed to find out that there was practically no live music at all until late in the evening. Despite that, I took a walk around Vieux Nice and Place Masséna just after sunset to savour the joy of music, met up with a few friends, strolled along the beach on the Promenade des Anglais, bumped into an ex-housemate, and only returned home after midnight.

Besides that, I can’t remember anything else.

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