PostHeaderIcon La vie en France: Week 8

Not much to talk about for this week. French lessons, as usual, started at 0900 everyday, and after lunch we had to take Bus 230 to Sophia Antipolis for some classes specially tailored for us les Malaisiens at the IUT.

On Tuesday, I went to the Official OGC Nice Store to do a friend a favor and buy her something she had asked for. An elderly man there decided to start a conversation with me, and I eventually asked him for how long he had been a supporter of OGC Nice. He said ça fait longtemps – it has been a long time – and then proceeded to show me some of the black and white photos of the glorious team that had won four Ligue 1 titles in the 50’s. “I was there”, he claimed while pointing at one of those photos, “and it was our second league title in as many years.”. The date on it marked 1952 – over sixty years ago. Until now the team had never been able to reach the heights they did during that golden decade. But this old man kept on supporting them, and that spoke volumes about passion and loyalty. Cette année on a fait une belle saison, he later remarked, given that the 2012/2013 season concluded with Nice finishing fourth in the league – their greatest finish in 37 years.

When I told him I was a foreigner and that I did not speak French really well, he gave me an absolutely fantastic advice: Pour bien apprendre le français, il faut d’abord trouver une copine niçoise! 😆

Anyway, my pre-ordered Animal Crossing: New Leaf game arrived on Thursday (a day earlier than the official release date) and I spent virtually the whole weekend playing it! The game is very nostalgic and calming, it’s become rather addicting.

Today this note was posted on the notice board in the in-game town:

Maybe you dare not usually say “I love you” to your father, but at least make an effort today! He deserves it!” – literal translation, yeah.

Well, Happy Father’s Day then!

Limesong of the Day: Cat StevensFather and Son, one of my all-time favourites!

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  • naim says:

    Thanks, Nukmae, but I like this bit:
    Pour bien apprendre le français, il faut d’abord trouver une copine niçoise!


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