PostHeaderIcon La vie en France: Week 3

Grenoble: La capitale des alpes.
8 May – 11 May 2013.

People asked me why Grenoble.
I don’t know.
Grenoble had been in my head for so long.
It’s something complicated, something I grew up with.
I had to somehow visit this city.

It was a dream come true, one which even I am not sure of its origin.
I took a regional train from Nice to Marseille, then a TGV to Valence, and finally a shuttle bus to Grenoble.

Wahey! My first ever TGV ride!

Waiting for the bus in Valence…

Final stop: Gare de Grenoble

Partially snow-capped massif hidden behind the clouds. Should have waited for summer.

At the top of Mont Jalla, where the National Memorial of the Mountain Troops is situated.

The Bastille viewed from up here.

Magnificent sights from both the Bastille and Mont Jalla. If only it was clear and sunny. A couple of panoramic pics here.

A photo montage of the first two days (watch in HD, s’il vous plait!):

UPDATE – The second one:

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