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PostHeaderIcon CNY Performance at Setia City Mall

Went to Setia City Mall last Saturday for no apparent reason, besides the fact that I had to accompany my little sister there, who then left me with to relish her last weekend with her best friends before heading off to a boarding school. There was nothing bad in it, though, because that’s exactly how it was supposed to unfold.

I, as the obliging chauffeur (gratis, still), would first pick her two friends up before driving them to the mall. Then, when the time came, she would inform me (by any means possible) precisely where and when should I come to fetch her home.

But I eventually decided to spend some time at our favourite hangout, perhaps alone I’d get to know her a little bit better. That was the best decision I’ve ever made in a long time.

… Nah not really.

Anyway, about half an hour later, a captivating, beautiful melody caught my attention. It was then that I realised something absolutely fantastic – that there was a live musical show taking place just a few metres away from me.

It was a guzheng performance – guzheng, a type of Chinese harp and very similar to guqin (which is, of course, another kind of Chinese harp. Duh.). Reminded me of a particular scene from the popular comedy Kung Fu Hustle.

Recorded using my phone’s lousy camera.

He played quite a few pieces, all Chinese-esque, all pleasing to the ears. The upcoming Chinese New Year celebration has ultimately done me a favor. In a way, yeah.

This weekend, and the one after that. I’m not going to miss it.