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17 May 2012 
E106, MFI Bangi.

In French they call it soirée d’adieu – farewell party, and it was for our French lecturer who is leaving Malaysia for Australia soon. Instead of watching Les Intouchables (which I had already seen weeks in advance :lol:) together as planned, we just ate a cake and some cheese, sang a few songs, and chatted n’importe quoi.

Mlle Monique and Yasoi.

She’s probably the most liked professeur thanks to her cheerful personality, with the aim to make the class as lively and, perhaps, as colourful as possible. When a friend of mine asked for some words of advice, she simply said “Soyez heureux!” with her well-known smile, which simply means “be happy”.

On a side note, thanks to her, that day I discovered one of the most foul-smelling cheese ever – so foul it was I almost threw up right after my first bite. Voilà, le fromage bleu! 😀

Limesong of the Evening – John Denver’s Leaving on a Jet Plane! :mrgreen:

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