PostHeaderIcon Love for Birds #2

Same subject, written a long, long time ago.

Birds. I love ’em. I just do, no matter  how insignificant they are to most people.

A friend of mine once asked me, “…you just watch the birds, and you feel happy?”
Well, yes. A resounding yes. From the most ordinary mynas and tree-sparrows to the more exceptional, exotic ones in the vast rainforests, all of them. Even the supposedly filthy crows. The values that were instilled in my young, innocent mind over a decade ago have been firmly established. Love the birds. Love all of them.

White-bellied Sea-eagle, Black-shouldered Kite, and Asian Fairy-bluebird, three from my long list of favourite birds.

Unfortunately so far I have never found a friend who loves birds as much as I do, and while I did try to convert some of them to birdwatchers, all the effort was in vain. No one took me (and the birds, of course!) seriously, and they were in a way baffled as to why birds meant so much to me. I bet all my friends, new and old alike, still are. In the end, it’s always me and my wonderful family again, with binoculars and guidebooks in our hands, peering at our feathered friends together. 😆

In fact, it’s been a long time since the last time we had a serious birdwatching session – I’ve forgotten lots of birds details here! Names, habitats, appearances, sounds, they’re slipping away, little by little. Perhaps it’s time for me the pick up a guidebook and a binocular, and start birding like I used to again. Oh bien sur I will. Come on, let’s give some love to these lovely creatures! 😀

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