Bon Voyage à Tous Les PF9

Posted by mae on Monday Apr 23, 2012 Under General

23 April 2012 
Rafflesia Hall, Esset, Bangi.

Left MFI at 8am to attend the convocation ceremony for the seniors – the Pre-France 9 students. Their flight to France is due tonight, with three final destinations – Aix-en-Provence for the mechanical engineering students, Toulouse for chemical and Nice for electrical. After almost two years of preparation classes, the time has come for them to leave Malaysia. Lucky guys.

I couldn’t imagine how proud the parents were(and still are!) of their France-bound children. I wish mine would be the same too, this time next year. Proud and delighted. And…if I could, I’d love to retain the exact same date – the 23rd of April, year 2013 that is, for our convocation day.

It would definitely be one of the sweetest, coolest, best-est birthday present ever! 😀
If only I could. Quelle belle vie.

On a side note, I was expecting to see the Dean of MFI but then I realised he’s currently away in one of these ASEAN countries, not sure which one. 😆

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