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PostHeaderIcon Pic: Gwanghwamun Square

Seoul, South Korea.
13 December 2010.

Life continues for the citizens as nightfall approaches in Gwanghwamun, the former capital city of the Joseon Dynasty. Just a little further ahead, in between the statues of King Sejong and Admiral Yin Sun Shin, lies the “Sunken Square” which connects Gwanghwamun Square and the subway station.

I was really getting hold of moving around in Seoul via the city’s subway, no kidding. 😀

PostHeaderIcon Pic: The Arc de Triomphe (miniature)

Journée Culturelle Française,
SMS Muzaffar Syah, Melaka.
March 2009. 

This pic below shows how inferior our arc is compared to the mighty one on the right, excellently done by the ladies from Sekolah Tun Fatimah. Of course, building things from paper boxes is never our stuff. It was embarassing, really, because I was the one (with a few others) in charge of this highly deplorable replica of the famous monument.

Gimme a couple of years and I’ll snap dozens of pics of the real one. 😀

PostHeaderIcon Pic: Peeking at the Glorious Pitch

Old Trafford, Manchester.
30 October 2005.

This is probably the closest I could get to the ground trodden by the finest footballers from all over the world. A week later, while we were waiting for the flight home, United ended Chelsea’s 40-match league unbeaten run here, courtesy of Fletcher’s looping header.

The result, however, was not enough to reclaim the title as Chelsea remained top at the end of the season, eight points more than second-placed United.

Pic thanks to my dad, taken from HERE. 😀

PostHeaderIcon A Little Torment

Today is the fourth of February. We’ll set off for Kelantan in a few hours’ time, and if things go as planned we will reach home in the morning the next Tuesday, the latest. Which means that I have so little time to spend here, home sweet home. 😆

So I weighed my options, whether to spend these few hours by sleeping, playing games, doing some music-related things (which include listening to, searching for and playing music), or, perhaps most unlikely, reading and studying. There’s so much to do in such a limited time.

The time. I was spending too much time doing practically nothing. What time was it? 1.40am. Good. It’s still early, I thought. I got out of the friggin’ cold cave and lay down for a little while. Ah, it’s warmer out here. The fan is always hopelessly faulty, it switches off and on at any time it wants to, not giving a damn to my personal comfort. But at that time I was comfortable enough, I had no complaints. I gave a long stare at the two guitars beside me. Is it okay to play some tune at this time of the night? 

No. Maybe not. I’ll jut lie down and relax, then. And that was the grave mistake.

Oh God. Suddenly I didn’t feel good, and as if the air was full of creepy, ghastly presence. I was beginning to feel eerie, of course. I’m not going to lie here.

Et voila. I couldn’t move. My legs, my hands, my head. Nope. It wouldn’t budge, not even a slight movement. My initial struggle to free myself from this God-knows-what sorcery was in vain. I’m chained for real, damn it! Knowing that my little sister was in the room just a  couple of meters away from me, I call her out.


Oh holy shit my voice is virtually surpressed! I couldn’t let it all out, shout to her. It was incredibly weak, too faint to be heard by that girl, who, unfortunately, had earphones plugged in. I tried again, for a few times, but it didn’t work. Then the numbness came. First my chest, then it crept up to my neck. I was hell scared, yes. Numb. I was numb. I couldn’t feel anything.  For how long would this nightmare continue, I had no idea. My thoughts were filled with the most terrifying scenes from all those horror movies I had watched in my entire life. And I gave up my struggle.

“Ça va passer vite. Ça va passer vite. Ça va passer vite.”

And it did pass quickly, though my mind believed otherwise anyway.

Seconds later without actually realising it the numbness wore off, slowly but surely. I started to feel my limbs again, trying very hard to move them. Oh thank God they’re mine again! Now, if only I can get the hell out of here... oh yes I could! The moment I got up I half-sprinted back into the safety of the Cave.

And that, without even the slightest of doubts, was the scariest, creepiest experience of sleep paralysis in my whole life. It was, quite literally, heart-stopping. The whole ordeal took place in less than 5 minutes, but it felt like hours.

I’m pretty sure I was very much awake the whole time, and that I didn’t fell asleep. At all.

Damn SP, I hate you more than ever from now on.

I need some calm, relaxing music now :mrgreen: