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Nitzus‘ Place.
23 January 2012.

The second board game night of the year commenced at around 9pm and lasted until near dawn the next day, no thanks to Arkham Horror, a co-op adventure game.

It is, in my honest opinion, one of the most complicated and demoralising board games ever. The game progresses in a way such that it implies how we are not supposed to beat the Ancient One after all. We (six of us) ventured in the cursed town of Arkham for almost 3 hours, all the while knowing we would end up dead anyway.

And due to its complexity, it wasn’t a smooth session of monster-hunting and gate-sealing either. Heck every time we play Arkham Horror we start to feel sleepy, and the initial excitement subsides. 😆

That night all of us were devoured by Shub-Niggurath.

One of the Ancient Ones, Azathoth.

Okay, done with that. We actually kicked off the night with Long Shot, a horse-racing game that involves buying horses, betting on them, and pretty much luck. Obviously. I did pretty well, earning podium finishes in both rounds – first in Round 1 and third in Round 2. 😀

7 Wonders, the game of civilization, was great too, though this time I fared rather poorly. My extensive military spending backfired as I finished fourth with 44 points, a hefty 17 off third place.

Only then did we visit Arkham, and by the time we played the obligatory Dixit, we were pretty much drained.

It was ~6am when we reached our home in Setia Alam. Fourteen hours later I was in my dorm at MFI, realising that I had left a couple of things at home, comme d’habitude.

“Analysis paralysis, the over-analyzing of a situation, so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome.” Happens all the time to the board gamers. 😆

Limesong of the Day: Nathan Cragg’s classical version of Paradise, which I’ve been practicing to play for a while now. 😀

*all pics, unless otherwise noted, belong to the fabulous uncle Nitzus.

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  • nuni says:

    Last time we went to Arkham together, you(r character) were a regular patron at the mental institution. 😆

    But we managed to defeat the ancient one on our second attempt, remember? 🙂

  • mae says:

    Professor Harvey Walters, the strong-minded old man from Miskatonic University! 😀

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