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PostHeaderIcon Board Game Night

Nitzus‘ Place.
23 January 2012.

The second board game night of the year commenced at around 9pm and lasted until near dawn the next day, no thanks to Arkham Horror, a co-op adventure game.

It is, in my honest opinion, one of the most complicated and demoralising board games ever. The game progresses in a way such that it implies how we are not supposed to beat the Ancient One after all. We (six of us) ventured in the cursed town of Arkham for almost 3 hours, all the while knowing we would end up dead anyway.

And due to its complexity, it wasn’t a smooth session of monster-hunting and gate-sealing either. Heck every time we play Arkham Horror we start to feel sleepy, and the initial excitement subsides. 😆

That night all of us were devoured by Shub-Niggurath.

One of the Ancient Ones, Azathoth.

Okay, done with that. We actually kicked off the night with Long Shot, a horse-racing game that involves buying horses, betting on them, and pretty much luck. Obviously. I did pretty well, earning podium finishes in both rounds – first in Round 1 and third in Round 2. 😀

7 Wonders, the game of civilization, was great too, though this time I fared rather poorly. My extensive military spending backfired as I finished fourth with 44 points, a hefty 17 off third place.

Only then did we visit Arkham, and by the time we played the obligatory Dixit, we were pretty much drained.

It was ~6am when we reached our home in Setia Alam. Fourteen hours later I was in my dorm at MFI, realising that I had left a couple of things at home, comme d’habitude.

“Analysis paralysis, the over-analyzing of a situation, so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome.” Happens all the time to the board gamers. 😆

Limesong of the Day: Nathan Cragg’s classical version of Paradise, which I’ve been practicing to play for a while now. 😀

*all pics, unless otherwise noted, belong to the fabulous uncle Nitzus.

PostHeaderIcon Pic: Fraser’s Silverpark

Fraser’s Silverpark Resort, Fraser’s Hill.
25 December 2011.

Thick mist shrouds our second home at Fraser’s Hill on the Christmas Eve, with an average temperature of ~16°C all day long.

While the hill resort is some way off from being the most popular of its kind in Malaysia – largely due to the fact that there’s not much to offer for the typical visitors, it has nevertheless become our most frequented retreat for more than a decade. Calm, cool and serene with its lush greenery, what more could you ask for? 😀

Limesong of the Day: Steve Sharp Nelson‘s The Cello Song, a soothing piece of music to calm oneself down. :mrgreen:

PostHeaderIcon Quand j’étais petit…

Un petit dialogue avec Mlle SF.
“Quand tu étais petit, tu avais peur de quoi?”
“Err…j’avais peur du noir… et quoi d’autre…”
“Des fantômes.”
“Ah bon? Dans ta vie, tu as vu , les fantômes?”
“Pourquoi tu avais peur d’eux?”
“Parce que je savais pas si il y avait des fantômes près de moi”
“Tu ne savais pas s’ils existaient?”
“Et maintenant, tu crois aux fantômes?”
“… je sais pas.”

PostHeaderIcon No Lollygaggin’

I bid farewell to the Cave four days ago. If it weren’t for that drab, bleak den, I would have spent the holiday more productively and wasted less precious time. Maybe. Anyway, school is back.

On Sunday I was, as usual, the last guy to check into my hostel room of six. Even when I was in SDAR I seldom returned to the hostel early – come on, no sane man would want to do that unless he really had to, and frankly speaking my home is barely an hour from MFI. No need to rush. And… with that came a grave drawback. I got the top bunk (again!) at one end of the room, and both my locker and desk are at the other end. Now that’s not convenient, is it? :lol:

We received the summary of semester exams transcript the next day, and though I did not fail, it was not something to be proud of either. Yes, the improvement was good, but I started so poorly that in the end I had to pay the price. The first two tests were terrible to say the least, and the final exam was perhaps relatively decent. On average it was just enough. I know I desperately have to step up and put a worthy effort to pull myself into a more favorable, comfortable position than that I’m currently in. I have three semesters left. Not much time to lose.

On a brighter note I was accepted into the first-choice R&T (Réseaux et Télécommunications) group with thirteen others – twelve gentlemen and a lady. One of them was my classmate at SK Seksyen 19 (err, when was that?), and another is my fellow green-collar SDARian 0610. The group itself, so far, has been less radiant than last year’s. I don’t know, maybe we should wait for a few weeks for the group to mix well, the chemistry is just not really there yet.

As you know, I’m trying to fix things right again, so I believe it would be very helpful if you could remind me to lollygag less. “No lollygaggin”. Easy isn’t it? Merci d’avance. 😀

Limesong of the Day: A cover of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know that went viral!

Lollygag less, work harder. It’s my choice.