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PostHeaderIcon Good Old Pokémon!

*currently, at this very moment, following ESPN Soccernet Matchday live – 26 November.

Thanks to my great brothers, I grew up in the wonderful world of Pokémon where everything seemed so orderly and pleasant that even the supposedly wicked and powerful Team Rocket could not significantly disrupt the said world. And guess what?  Today I’ve found another uncomplicated, easy piece to play on my guitar: The Pokémon Centre Theme!

This is the world-famous tune that plays everytime we hurry into the PC to heal our beloved Pokémon…

…and this is the piece, played by BustyGlory. Simple yet satisfying.

I have exams next week before starting “me reposer”-ing chez moi this coming Friday. Oh God, have mercy. Cheers.

PostHeaderIcon Movies: Le Premier Jour du Reste de Ta Vie

Nothing special. Just a trailer of a sweet, compelling movie on family life. Typical of the genre, but smartly done.

“An ode to parenting, taken at a mature and sophisticated level. The pains and joys are represented well, without fanfare or histrionics”      -Andrew L. Urban

PostHeaderIcon 11.11.11

The date, for one, is charming enough for me. Ten days ago my Facebook wall was flooded with 01.11.11, and today is not much different. Just add another 1 and you’ll have 11.11.11.  So, considering that I haven’t post anything for quite some time, perhaps today, on the eleventh of November 2011, I’ll put something up.

Life’s still hard. I’m honestly struggling with my studies these days, but I still have that tiny bit of belief needed to keep on marching. You know, I’ve gone through this before (SPM!), though I believe it was slightly less challenging. The countless of times I floundered last year made the success at the end somewhat sweeter. But if there was one thing that it taught me, it would be how significant and vital perseverance were in getting all those elusive A’s. Heh. I won’t give up. Never.

On a side note, one thing that never failed to cheer me up back then was English. When I found myself too disoriented by the goings-on around me, I picked up a pen and started writing – both originals and carbon copies of something else, like the one below, quotes by Nikola Tesla from Tesla: Man Out of Time.

Maybe it’s a good idea to do the same thing here, albeit in French instead of English. I think I enjoy French as much as I miss English. And I am of the opinion that my vocabulary is decaying now, slowly but surely. 😆

For now, the long-awaited weekend has arrived. A good two days for a desperately needed pit stop. I’ll definitely try my very best to make good use of it, and of course a couple of hours (plus plus!) for practicing guitar and..err..gaming? Life’s still to be enjoyed. 😀

LimesongU2Moment of Surrender

At the moment of surrender
Of vision over visibility
I did not notice the passers-by
And they did not notice me you know what the number 11 reminds me of?
Ryan Giggs!