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The holidays have arrived. My dad fetched me today and we braved a hell of a downpour before reaching home a little more than an hour later.

The torrent got even worse after a few seconds, blowing gale-force winds that looked…cool. 😀

Then I fell asleep, only to wake up just before we entered into our neighbourhood. For some reasons, though, I doubt it will be an entirely just-for-kicks holiday. There are piles of devoirs to be taken care of. Ah well, you can’t achieve something great without hardwork, right? Bonnes vacances! 😀

Et quoi encore?

I’ve yet to play any installment of the famous Final Fantasy series but one thing is for sure – all of them, like most RPGs, feature plenty of beautiful, relaxing melodies. This one, which I’ve learnt to play on the classical guitar, is the second game’s Town Theme.

Isn’t it wonderful?

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