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Fasting possesses great power. If practiced with the right intention, it makes man a friend of God. The demons are aware of that.
– Tertullian, a Christian author.

Suddenly it occurred to me that we’re nearing the end of the holy month of Ramadhanit’s the 25th night tonight. Time does seem to pass swiftly these days, at least faster than what I think I felt a decade ago. I don’t know, the complexity of how our minds really work baffles me. Heck, I’m eighteen already, and I still don’t feel like it! 😆

Anyway, up until now the month of Ramadhan has never failed to provide a unique, solemn atmosphere which I somehow find soothing and tranquilizing. Hypocrisy aside, it’s the month for salvation. It’s the month for purification. It’s the month when the music of zikr is given a wider exposure to Muslims around the world. It’s the month of holiness and kindness.

On a lesser note, it’s the month when the class schedule is altered accordingly(which I always look forward to, just for something different), and the month when we get up very early in the morning for almost everyday. Really. 😆

After spending five years in SDAR, now it’s Ramadhan in a new surrounding altogether. And it has been 25 days already, which felt like, say, a day? Unbelievable.

Food-wise, this year proves to be a modest one. Despite the presence of a plethora of eateries/restaurants and food stalls just outside and around MFI, I choose to spend an average of RM4.90 a day at the campus’ cafe for breaking fast. For sahur I have either crackers or snacks, plus dates and plain water. All that, in small part thanks to my newfound awareness and desire to save more and spend less. But seriously, if it wasn’t for my lazy ass I might have spent more than I needed. 8)

The popular quote among the PF10 students: Je veux manger mais je ne peux pas. 🙁

Et voila, another slightly addictive puzzle-themed game, Critical Mass, that brings innovation to the traditional 4-of-a-kind game. Perfect for killing some time while waiting for the sunset. This game can be holy too. Depends. 😀

When the holy month ends, a new month of festivity begins. We’ll probably be celebrating the first week of Aidilfitri in Setia Alam. I’m not sure. And I don’t mind. And I’m getting sleepy. Maybe that’s all for now.

*Welbeck and Cleverley rock! …and all of a sudden I realise that it’s also the month of Independence. Ah well…

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