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PostHeaderIcon It’s-a Me, Mario!

It takes a lot to get these guys together, especially when the diabolical, pink-nosed Wario is around.

Nah, not really.

Mum, Dad and Kona returned home from visiting Ayi in Canada yesterday. Now that Ayi has graduated and will follow suit next month, they brought along some of his goods – books, board games, clothes and other collections – just to ease the burden of moving out for him.

No barrels, no racing, no princesses, no coins. Just lifeless, bean bag toys.

PostHeaderIcon Australia Revisited: Part Two

Okay. I’ve procrastinated for long enough, so I’ll try my best to put something here – pictures accompanied by simple details.

Mt Gambier to Ballarat – 14 May 2011

For pics please click HERE

We arrived in Mt Gambier the night before after a day long drive from the airport.

While having cereals for breakfast this little fella greeted us, most probably an Australian Magpie.

This is our car for the whole trip, a relatively new Toyota Camry with a Victoria number plate which, just like any other plates in Australia, bear the state slogan. The current Victoria slogan “The Place to Be” is going to be replaced by a new one soon.

The first destination was the Apex Lookout overlooking the Blue Lake, famous for its apparent change of colour from grey in winter to vibrant blue in summer.

The origin of the lookout, built by the members of the Apex Club of Mt Gambier almost 30 years ago.

The Blue Lake is one of the four lakes formed from ancient volcanic craters in the Mt Gambier maar complex. The other three are the Valley Lake, Leg of Mutton Lake and Brown’s Lake.

Oh, that’s me with my brother. 😆

The entrance to the lookout. Done with this one we headed to another designated spot to observe and admire the lake.

The lake again, from a different perspective. The building on the left is actually the original pumping station that has been delivering water supply to the Mt Gambier residents for more than a century.

Let’s get educational, shall we? (click, click!)

At the other side of the road is the location of the completely dried up Leg of Mutton Lake.

Further west are the Valley Lake and Brown’s Lake, which the latter has also dried up over the past decades.

From Mt Gambier we continued our journey eastward via the Glenelg Highway and re-entered the state of Victoria. Couldn’t resist the temptation, we stopped and took a short break here 😆

There is an appropriately named road that stretches along the borderline between South Australia and Victoria, and connects the highway to the Mingbool Road far north.

We reached Hamilton a few hours later where we had our lunch. At the McDonald’s no less.

Cruising on the road while enjoying the serene, beautiful sights along the way, such as this one, was a pure pleasure. :mrgreen:

These mountains have names, mind you. This is Mount Sturgeon.

And the other, farther one is Mount Abrupt.

After over 300km and close to 7 hours of driving…

…finally at around half-past five we arrived in Ballarat, thus bringing an end to another day long trip.

Day Two ends here.