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PostHeaderIcon Spaghetti Bridge

MARA Interview
Anggerik Mall, Shah Alam
9.15am, 26 April 2011

The session was supposed to be held at 9pm but for some reasons I was late. By the time I got into the room the rest of the group members (eight of us) were already waiting for me, and fittingly the session started rightly after I arrived.

Guess what the MARA people asked us to do? Build a bridge by using spaghetti sticks and thread in 30 minutes. Knowing that this had a lot to do with our chance of getting a scholarship we duly carried on the task. In the end our bridge was neither aesthetic nor convincing, but it managed to pass the weight test (a 425g tin). Perhaps it was practical 😀

Then the Q&A session. Among the questions were “What do you think of your work?”, “What’s the purpose of this activity?” and “Were you more of a leader or of a follower?”…not much to say about it. They ask you answer. Fullstop. After that we were allowed to go home. No interviews, just bridge-building activity. In overall I think I did okay, if not good 🙂

Then I had around two hours to waste at SACC Mall waiting for my mum to finish her meeting and yeah, that was what I did.

On a side note I stumbled upon three familiar faces – Doli and Tom (both engineering), and Aiman (accounting)…err..make that two. That’s it.

Sooner or later I’ll be free
To leave the past behind
Sooner or later you’re gonna be
The last thing on my mind

The end

PostHeaderIcon Love United

This song popped into my head while I was driving yesterday. Not sure why. Over 30 professional footballers are featured in this song and it’s kinda amusing to see the likes of Figo, Blanc, Barthez, Veron and Djorkaeff singing together. No kidding. Still, it’s a beautiful song worth listening to 🙂

We will live for love united
Come together undivided
We will stand up
For all the people of the world

*this song has nothing to do with Manchester United, okay?

PostHeaderIcon Interviews

Okay. I got two out of three. Scholarship interviews.

Three days ago I received an SMS from Petronas telling me to check my application status online. I logged into my account and…

Wahey! I’ve been shortlisted 😀
Now I have to attend the EduQuest Camp this Sunday. Can barely wait for it. Heh.

The other one is MARA. From 14 to 15, then from 2 to 5. Nice.

Oh, Yayasan Khazanah rejected my application. Haha. Yeah, it was a futile, hopeless attempt. I knew all along that I didn’t stand any chance of getting that prestigious scholarship. Five. Out of Thousands.

Nevertheless, looking back where I was a month ago I have to say I’m grateful with what I have now. Perhaps that final push was well worth it after all 🙂

God bless everyone!

PostHeaderIcon Curse No More

Chelsea 0-1 United, 6 April 2011

The wait is over, and the curse has been broken.

The last time United won at Stamford Bridge was way back in April 2002, the year that saw United finish 3rd behind Liverpool and Arsenal. We were at Air Papan at that time and I was very surprised when I received the news of the victory. The previous reverse fixture ended with the same scoreline but different winners.

And only after a good nine years did United win again at the Stamford Bridge. Rooney’s goal, 23 minutes into the game, was enough to hand United a vital advantage ahead of the 2nd leg tie at Old Trafford.

Though United could have easily conceded a penalty late in the game after Evra brought down Ramires, I have to say it was an impressive, deserved victory. Oh Torres, he was a miserable lad again on the field. Twice he dived, rather blatantly, in the box and was booked by the referee in the dying minutes of the game for the second attempt. 😀

I’m delighted, geddit?