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During the SPM days I was quite an early riser – I woke up at around 5.30am every weekday and by 6.45am I was already at the class, or some other places where I could find peace and read something in the morning.

My favourite spot was the small garden next to the school canteen.

The exams didn’t start until 8am, so yeah, I guess I did spend a lot of time there.

This cat and her baby would greet me almost every time I approached the canteen, meowing for food. The canteen had been closed since the last day of school and the cats were left with nothing to feed on. Occasionally I would bring something – from bread to fried chicken – from the dining hall for these poor cats (plus the ones at the hostel) 😀

Two of the cats at the hostel. Initially the mother had four kittens, but before I knew it there was only one left 🙁

Then there were these slimy mollusks making their way, slowly but surely, across the pathway. Cute. And slimy.

One cold morning I spotted this little fella clinging to his web.

…Okay enough of this reminiscence. The truth is I haven’t got much to share. I scoured the hard disks for anything that I could talk about and I found quite a few pics of my life in SDAR, and virtually nothing else 😛

Anyway happy birthday to my buddy Faisal Imran!

Another classic – Stand by Me by Ben E. King.

*A back-to-back defeats against arch rivals left United title hopes in shatters  T.T

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