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Abat bought 3 tickets for the concert – one was particularly for Kona, and I thought the other two were for mum and Abat himself to accompany her.

But then they couldn’t make it. There was no one else besides Kak Nuni (aka Nieks) who could drive Kona there, so in the end we had to fill in the void.

I first heard about Maher Zain last year from my friends. Boarders love to sing all the time and he was, I believe, as popular as all those K-Pop groups among them at that time. Frankly speaking though, the idea of going to his concert had never occurred to me.

Local group In-Team kicked off the show with a few songs.

Then Maher’s friend Pakistani Canadian Irfan Makki took the stage.

His rendition of Mabrouk, which according to him is a song best suited for weddings, caught my attention. It was awesome! It’s worth noting that there’s no song titled Mabrouk credited to him, but there is one sung by Ramy Ayach, which is a well-known wedding song.

Finally the guy himself came out, to the loud applause of the audience.

Padi vocalist, Fadly joined him singing the popular Insha Allah.

Palestine Will Be Free with the animated music video.

Subhan Allah featuring Mesut Kurtis

…and five little kids.

Mesut Kurtis was then left to sing a few of his own songs. Can’t remember the songs 😛

Later Irfan Makki appeared again with Maher.

He looked tired..and sweaty.

His new song, Freedom, like Yusuf Islam’s My People, was inspired by the revolution in the Middle-East. He told the audience he wrote it a week and a half ago.

The audience apparently enjoyed the song.

I lost count how many songs were performed in total, but as far as I can remember, Maher Zain sang Insha Allah thrice (including the Malay version), and Barakallah, For the Rest of My Life and Freedom all twice.

Listening to live songs is way better than the stdio/recorded ones. Though I’m not really a fan of this guy, I have to admit the concert was kinda great! My favourite? Mabrouk! (which means congratulations :D)

And Kona was obviously very delighted.

All this at the expense of the Wigan-United match. And guess what, United won 4-0! I failed to witness United at their best again. I was too absorbed into studying that I forgot the match against Blackburn Rovers and missed the first 5 goals. The final score was 7-1 to United. Then I couldn’t catch the 5-0 demolition of Birmingham City because I was on the plane home from Jakarta. Bad luck  -.-

*thanks to Kak Nuni for all the pics at the concert 🙂

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