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21 January 2011 – Day 2

For Day 1, click HERE

This is how it looks in front of Sun Set View Hotel in Carita, Banten.

Calm, peaceful and serene…

Done with Anak Krakatau, we headed to the Mt. Anak Krakatau observation post in Anyer.

Inside the cramped post are lots of info and data on Anak Krakatau, samples of volcanic rocks from the volcano, a telescope and a seismograph.

With the telescope, Anak Krakatau can be seen from here, provided that the weather is fine. Unluckily for us our timing was bad. Due to the unfavourable weather, the volcano was not visible at all.

Our next stop was the historic lighthouse in Anyer.

The 40-metre lighthouse was built three years after the tsunami triggered by Krakatoa wiped out the original one.


The climb to the top was exhausting, but was well worth it 😉

The views were absolutely splendid! It was windy and breezy, but luckily I’m not an acrophobic. There was fear, though. A mild one.

Bird’s-eye views of the village

…then we continued our journey back to Jakarta.

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