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12 December 2010 – A Visit to South Korea – Day 2

Click HERE for Day 1

First we went to Seoul Station

…then to Namdaemun Market

It was such a pleasure walking and strolling in Seoul. Though sometimes my nose and hands went numb due to the cold temperature, I have to say it was much, much better than hot and humid Malaysia! 😛

So here goes another collection…

Oh, and we’re very fond of these little figurines!

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The Rose is definitely one of the greatest songs of the 70’s. Originally written by Amanda McBroom, it was Bette Midler’s  version that made this song very popular a few decades ago.

I was watching Only Yesterday when this song came out. Apparently, the ending theme song is “Ai wa Hana, Kimi wa sono Tane”, the Japanese version of the Rose.

The subtitles are the exact lyrics of the original version, but more or less the meaning is quite the same.

It’s an example of beautiful music!

PostHeaderIcon 7 Years

2003 4 Anggun, SK Seksyen 19

2010 – 5 Sina, SDAR

Life’s funny.

To a kid, time always drags.

Suddenly we’re all grown up.

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Putting the famous comebacks aside, the Blackpool-United match reminded me of this less remembered FA Cup tie in 2001.

United were down 2-0 for much of the time, but went on to win the game thanks to goals from Solskjaer and van Nistelrooy scored in the final 15 minutes.

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West Coast of Banten, Indonesia.
20 January 2011 – Day 1.

A few weeks prior my dad was watching a documentary on Krakatoa in the Sunda Strait and the possibilities of another mega eruption by the volcano that had arisen from it – Anak Krakatau, when he decided that we had to see this Anak Krakatau before she blew up like her momma. And that was what we did.

As for me, my love for volcanoes blossomed when I climbed Mount Marapi in 2008. Please see the 3-chapter post by my dad regarding the outing HERE.

We took a boat from Carita Beach to the volcanic islands.

After 2 hours Anak Krakatau appeared before us.

And soon after began erupting!

It was a magnificent sight, and potentially dangerous too. The blown out debris and rocks, with a slice of bad luck, could kill us all.  Anak Krakatau is currently on alert level 2 (scale 1-4) and erupts quite frequently. We moved on and landed on Pulau Sertong.

Anak Krakatau from Pulau Sertong.

The black sand is due to the volcanic properties of the island.


Our boat the Hascamar.

The crabs are well adapted to the unique beach, too 😀

Then we realised we had company…

Yes, the island is infested with monitor lizards!

For videos by my dad, please click HERE

PostHeaderIcon War Memorial of Korea & Seoul World Cup Stadium

11 December 2010 – A Visit to South Korea – Day 1

I’d never experienced sub-zero temperatures before, so apparently I was kinda excited to have a walk in Seoul, where the temperature could easily drop to -20°C late at night during winter.

We left our hotel early in the morning.

Initially we were planning to go to the Seoul Central Mosque in Itaewon and find a halal outlet there, but along the way we stopped by at the War Memorial of Korea.

And the place was definitely fascinating! (click play to view the pix).

Too bad we didn’t spend much time there..

There’s something else…

Wahey! A body of frozen water! 😀

Please click HERE for more on War Memorial of Korea by my dad

Then we continued our journey…

And we could see the Seoul Tower standing tall, distant.

Eventually we had lunch at Usmania, a Pakistani restaurant.

Lunch is always a good time 😀

Fully recharged, we proceeded to Seoul World Cup Stadium via subway. Being an avid football fan, I was obviously very delighted with the visit, albeit it’s 8 years late.

The view from the North Gate:

A quick photo outside the stadium:

We soon found out that a part of the stadium is actually a museum! So here’s another collage to enjoy, with the FIFA World Cup 2002 Anthem as the background music (the good ol’ days) 😀

I really miss the early 2000’s English football, as well as FIFA World Cup 2002. Those were the times when I began to seriously understand and appreciate football. A time when Michael Owen was still a wonderkid, and Manchester City was nowhere to be seen!

For a better coverage of the Seoul Trip, please visit my mum’s blog:

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Here it is ….